Film equipment hire in Bulgaria

Every filmmaker knows that shooting a film, a music video or even a commercial requires thorough planning. Thinking about all the needs of your production ahead becomes even more important when you decide to shoot abroad.  Our company Film Fixers Romania can help you with all the stages of pre-production and guide and advise you through what probably is one of the most important steps – film equipment hire in Bulgaria.

Film equiment hire in Bulgaria with our team of best local fixers

Our team of qualified fixers can get you the widest choice of the most modern film equipment for hire in Bulgaria – from cameras and lenses to lights, from dollies to sound equipment.

If you decide to proceed with equipment hire in Bulgaria through our company, Film Fixers Romania will be happy to offer you preferential prices and discount packages to suit all the technical requirements of your project now matter how simple or complicated they might be.

Film equipment hire in Bulgaria

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